Swiss agricultural formation, extension and practice

Tuesday 25.06.2019, 12.50 - 18.30

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Formation and extension are key elements to bring new knowledge into practice. After a half-hour bus trip, we will reach AGRIDEA , the Swiss center for agricultural advisory and extension services. There, we will get an insight into their main activities. At the agricultural school Strickhof Lindau, which is located just next door, we will get some insights into the Swiss formation system for farmers at the example of the canton of Zurich. Strickhof is offering formation at various levels and for various professions in the agri-food system. After a coffee break, we will visit Riedenholzhof , an innovative farm close to the city of Zurich, seeing how value of pastures and meadows can be realised via direct marketing. The farm is organic since 2001 and breeds water buffalos. Since 2004, it provides experimental fields for the organic forage breeding programme of Agroscope

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