Confirmed Keynote Speakers

Nina Buchmann, ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Topic: Efficient and multi-functional forage production on sown grasslands

Tentative title: Multi-functionality of multi-species sown grasslands

Gerlinde De Deyn, Wageningen University, The Netherlands

Topic: Plant-soil-microbe interactions in multi-species grasslands

Confirmed Title: Advances in understanding plant-soil-microbe interactions in multi-species grasslands

Authors: G.B. De Deyn, J.M. Barel, S. Dassen and L.B. Martinez-Garcia

Jørgen Eriksen, Aarhus University, Denmark

Topic: Improving sown grasslands and their management for future challenges

Tentative Title: Management strategies to improve the performances of sown grasslands

Trevor Gilliland, AFBI, UK

Topic: Collaboration between practice and research for practical advances

Confirmed Title: Revising official herbage cultivar evaluation to meet evolving EU stakeholder needs

Authors: T.J. Gilliland, P. Annicchiarico, B. Julier and M. Ghesquière

Linda Johnson, AgResearch, New Zealand

Topic: Breeding for improved plant-microbe interactions

Confirmed Title: Advances and perspectives in breeding for improved grass-endophyte associations

Authors: L.J. Johnson, C.R. Voisey, M.J. Faville, C.D. Moon, W.R. Simpson, R.D. Johnson, A.V. Stewart, J.R. Caradus and D.E. Hume

Isabelle Litrico, INRA, France

Topic: Efficient and multi-functional forage production on sown grasslands

Tentative Title: Breeding forage plant cultivars for the use in multi-species mixtures

Isabel Roldan-Ruiz, ILVO, Belgium

Topic: Molecular genetics and genomics for improved breeding of forages

Tentative Title: Advances and perspectives of genetic and genomic tools for research and breeding of forage plants

Andreas Hund, ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Topic: New methods and technologies to assess plant traits, swards and forages

Tentative Title: Methodological advances, challenges and perspectives in the field of phenomics and sward monitoring